How resolve assets with the ClientLibrary?

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I’ve spent the day trying to understand how to piece things together using the ClientLibrary (v15) and got a basic blog working. I’m now trying to expand my POC to include a schema that uses assets.

I took a guess and set the Assets as an array of strings and I got back the file Ids, but how do I resolve the URL of the asset?

The lack of documentation and up-to-date samples is a huge problem.

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App Name: dev-blog

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It depends what you want to do with the file.

If you just want to get the URL to render it in a html template, you can use the following method:

If you want to something else, e.g. get metadata, you can use use the methods on the IAssetsClient, e.g.

const asset = await client.Assets.GetAssetAsync(myContent.assets[0]);

I will work on that.

Perfect, thank you for the information! I’ve managed to get it working perfectly. Our blog and Showcase on is now powered by Squidex.

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Nice, I have not done any desktop development for years now but I am following what you are doing and it is very impressive :slight_smile: