How I can push content if content already created

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Current behavior

I make update with the next command - “./sq sync in "squidex_data" --app $target_env -t content” and that duplicate content

Expected behavior

command just override existing data

Minimal reproduction of the problem:

  1. Create app ‘TestApp’.
  2. Add schema ‘TestContent’ with ContentId (unique, number), Name(non unique, string)
  3. Add content 1, ‘TestName’.
  4. Run “./sq sync out "squidex_data" --app TestApp”
  5. Run “./sq sync in "squidex_data" --app TestApp -t content”


App Name: TestApp

  • Self hosted with docker
    Version: Installed 1 month ago


  • Chrome (desktop)


The sync command uses the ID and makes an upsert. If you have a content with the same structure and values but a different ID, it is considered as another content item. If this is important you have to write a custom sync tool.

Have you any examples of custom sync tools?

What I meant is that you have to built it yourself from scratch. You could integrate into the CLI, but I am not sure if it would help.

You could have a look to the CLI code: squidex-samples/cli/Squidex.CLI/Squidex.CLI.Core/Commands/Implementation/Sync/Contents at master · Squidex/squidex-samples · GitHub

It can also be built with node or java or any other programming language.