How are contributors counted and billed?

I don’t think I’ve understood how exactly contributors are counted for multiple projects in Squidex’s cloud version. (Maybe your answer might be a good addition to the FAQ page) The more I think about it, the more I’ll get confused :thinking:

With the free plan, I can have two contributors, let’s call them A (me) and B (my colleague), in the same project C. Let’s assume that

  • I create another project D, where I add myself (A) and a client C.
  • B creates another project E, where he adds himself (B) and another client D.

Question 1) Am I correct in assuming that this would still count as “Starter” package since there are only two contributors per project?
Question 2) Or are contributors counted globally? If that is the case, how are they grouped together across multiple projects?

Question 3) Let’s assume B creates a new project. He adds me and another 10 customers.Who has to pay the bill? I don’t think I understand how project ownership works across multiple projects.

Question 4) Now I’m totally confused. Are the SaaS prices on per project? If that is the case, maybe you can add a “per project” somewhere :wink:

  1. Yes
  2. No, per app (= project)
  3. The person who changes the subscription also pays the bill, usually it is the owner, but not necessarily. Once you create a subscription you become the plan-owner, so only this person can unsubscribe or make any changes.
  4. Yes

Will add this to the FAQ, thanks.

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Thanks for your explanation! :smiley: