Hosting the front end separately & API Management

Hi, firstly thanks for squidex - it is a lovely app.

Having had a look through the code - am I right in understanding that it is not really possible to host the front end separately from the backend so that the front end could be hosted in a static hosting/CDN like S3/Azure Static WebApps, and then the back end could be a pure API, that could be fronted by an API management/orchestration layer, with CORS requests from front to back?

From looking at it the front/back end are very nicely segregated in source, but packaged together and so some minor issues with separate hosting I can spot are:

  • Would need to build/repackage from source as front end is not packaged as a separate zip/docker
  • Watch out for any CORS issues
  • The embedded Identity-Server hosts UI in MVC so that would be blocked/awkward in a pure API backend and might need to be bypassed/worked around
  • I could hack/reconfigure the Authentication system so that instead of using the embedded identity-server, the APIs should all trust JWTs issued by an external OIDC server with a public well-known discovery endpoint, and the UI would need hacking/config changes to obtain JWTs from the external token server rather than the embedded identity-server.

Is the above a reasonable summary? Anything else to worry about? Just trying to evaluate how I might host it, and if worth making the changes above to fit it into an existing landscape of APIs.


It should be possible.

Besides the build stuff you also have to configure the client properly:

In the backend:

In the client:

At the moment it is using the same domain (from base url property), you have to make this configurable.

CORS is not a problem, because Squidex is exposed anyway to support other JavaScript clients.

For me it has very low priority but if you want to provide a PR, I am happy to merge that.

Thank you for the helpful pointers. Will investigate a bit, and let you know if I decide to implement will send a PR.

We have to be pretty strict about CORS so would need to enable/configure that, but can do that at a frontend proxy so not a problem.

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