Hit API call limit in one day


We went live with our website today (the 12th), and it was working fine. But suddenly all calls are failing, and it looks like he hit our API limit (50k) in one day, and it says the 11th (yesterday). There’s no way, as we didn’t go live until today, and our site doesn’t generate that much traffic to hit that in a single day.

Can we get our API limit reset until we can sort this out, as our website is broken now.


Yes, I can do it. Can you give me your app name (or app id if you have)


Client ID is : dttest:website


Also is there any way to get more granular metrics on counts of which API calls were made? This one day usage far exceeds anything we expected and is not feasible. We’d like to understand which calls were responsible.


Not manually. I can check if I can provide you a log


I had a log to the logs. I would check your mainmenu


I also removed all usage statistics which actually resets the API limit.


Any way to get more granular statistics? Down to the resource (content type) level?


I do not collect these statistics, I just had a look to my logs and I have seen that the majority of the requests seems to be for the mainmenu, which makes sense, because I guess it is on every page.


any chance to get the raw logs then for the 11th?


I can only download 300 log entries with google cloud, sorry.


We put the new site live again. Despite the fact that we cache each page for an hour, we are up to 25k API request. And this is AFTER the end of business hours.

This isn’t possible, we are rolling back again. We need to understand what is going on here.