High MongoDB serverless usage while no traffic in dev environment. (also Azure DB Logging config)

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Current behavior

with 0 traffic and no users logged in, Squidex is causing 1k+ RPU a second (10+ calls) to mongoDB serverless. This is pictured below on two separate environments, what would be the cause of these calls? (70+ million RPU per day).

(Drop off is where I turned off the Squidex app)

I have also identified that a large part of the database size is due to the logging that is not necessary for our development environment (tried to match the pattern I saw elsewhere vs the config file).

Is there something that I am doing wrong with the below azure config?


App Name: dtx-default-v2

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Version: 7.1.0 Docker on Azure


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Many of the background processes are handled with Squidex. So it constantly polls MongoDB for new jobs or events. But these numbers are usually so low that you do not recognize them in a normal setup. I have never used Mongo serverless.

if you identity the collections that are queried I can probably give you better tipps.

You are looking for LOGGING__STOREENABLED btw.