HELP PLEASE Tutorials?

I was recently Tasked with helping some friends manage content on their new platform and they gave me a link and log in to play around. The schemas are already created and some content is already on the pages. In the context section I am having trouble with return spacing. In other words when I hit return in the content field my text goes to the next line. But When I go to the published page after saving the text does not maintain the return. Does entering simple context require coding? Are there tutorials anywhere for how to fill out these fields and edit them?

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what kind of field are you talking about? Perhaps you can provide more context. It seems you have a concrete issue.

Thanks Sebastian,

When I navigate from My dashboard to : Content >Schemas> then choose the Schema Page I wish to edit. There is a text box on that page entitled “CONTEXT” Its essentially the Type box where you would add a few paragraphs to a page it has the typical text editing options such as Bold and Italics.

When I enter the needed text there in the format I expect it to show on the site in real time the text doesn’t maintain any format at all.

Im wondering if this is an issue that needs addressed by the developers of the site? Or if I am doing something wrong when using that Context box.

I am still not sure. Can you give me your app name?