Health Check API: Squidex Cloud [Shouldn't count Towards API Quota] Is there one? A special non-billing healthcheck Endpoint for GraphQL API?

Hi @Sebastian

Currently we have configured Squidex Cloud as our headless CMS app for our frontend angular app. We have deployed our app on AWS and has Load balancers/DNS servers targeting our App (which uses Squidex API calls) for health checks periodically.

This leads to Quota usage at Squidex API level which gets counted in our monthly quota. The real challenge is we need to configure an API at Squidex Level which gives health check status for GraphQL API without getting counted towards API Quota of Squidex billing {Or may be this service should be included with a base price bump up for each tier}.

If not is there a way where my frontend app can check the health of Squidex GraphQL APIs without burning through our Quota.

AWS uses atleast 16 Route53 servers (headless browser http calls) from global locations to hit the our frontend deployed App and then the Load Balancer separately watches the target containers of the deployed frontend App and both contribute towards health check API consumption of GraphQL Squidex APIs towards our monthly quota($$$) because it actually uses GET requests towards the GraphQL APIs to load the pages.

The solution being we create a dummy healthcheck.html on custom path in our frontend app with a status of GraphQL API from Squidex returning 200 health status which dosen’t get counted towards GraphQL API of Squidex Quota will be really helpful.

This functionality hinges on us pinging an API that dosen’t get counted towards Billing Quota for end point health check sake

Sagun Garg

The GraphQL Endpoint does not have a status request that it s not billed, but there are several others:

  1. Everything here under PING:

  2. Health endpoint: (I use it for kuberneters)

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