Group schema fields with tabs


It’ll be really nice if we can have some tab feature in content entry base on UI separator field name.
Currently, when we have a lot of properties, the page has a long scroll. Would be good to have an option to turn UI separator or a new Tab field or something to group the input fields.


There is already an UI separator.

Is is called UI:

Yes, I just notice that and tried to use it but it only create the separator line with heading. Would be great to turn that into tab. We got lots of input fields and really long scroll. If tabs can be introduced then we don’t need to scroll and inputs can be group under each tabs.

Oh, got it now. Not an easy task, but perhaps we can improve it easily by introducing a side bar menu to the separator lines.

hmm not quite seeing what you mean by side bar…
We like to create tabs for input fields grouping. eg

I know, what you mean with tabs.

The “problem” is that they are hard to implement, and I was thinking about a simpler solution as a workaround.

if you take this site as an example: It is very long, but they have a menu on the right to jump to the specific sections.


Ah ok got it, thanks. It’s no rush, whichever best for long run would do.