GraphQL query returns 404 from postman


I am new to using graphql in Squidex and while I am able to run the queries in the app(cms), I am getting 404 responses when I try doing postman requests. Below is the endpoint schema i am using.


I am not sure if this is the correct endpoint as it is the one I got from the cms graphql page.

It is the same endpoint that is also used in the UI.

Are you authenticating yourself with an api key?

Ideally it would be the same one I would be using in the ui. I am using the auth credentials that I use for the rest api.

that should work, I don’t know why you retrieve a 404.

Found out what the issue is i was using wrong url. For graph calls i need to use /api/content/ not just /api/ https://{domain}/api/content/{app-name}/graphql

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