Graphql or API Distinct Data

Hi Sebastian,

I need to distinct data over Odata or json query in graphql queries or api queries.

There is 20k throughput and doing this after reading the data is not acceptable in terms of performance.

Can you help me?

Thank you.

Do you mean distrinct? I have no idea, what you actually mean.

A throughput is something per second, 20k requests per second or so. If you mean milliseconds, it would make more sense.

Do you host Squidex yourself or do you use the cloud version? Which kind of queries do you make, where do you see performance issues? I need more information to help you.

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Sorry, actually i want to say distinct…

for example:

Can you describe your use case?

I have a schema. It contains name, surname and title information. There are 20k data in total. I want to a select query on the titles for unique values…

There is no such a feature at the moment.

Can we development this?

Everyone will have such needs to pull unique data.

Sure, why not. You can create a feature request.