GraphQL not returning content when there is an ampersand on the filter

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Current behavior

Using Squidex GraphQL filter with a symbol like & converted to %26 is not finding the text on content. I have a content created with a some text fields and HTML field. When I try to find a content filtering by some of those fields and on the text I have and & it does not get the data.

Expected behavior

It should find the text I am looking for with the symbol

Minimal reproduction of the problem

  • Create a schema with some text fields. One of them like HTML
  • Add on the content text like something&other
  • Through GraphiQL search the text something&other on the fields
  • It should return the content with that text


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Version: dev-7133


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  • [ ] Edge

On the left there is the query and the result, and on the right there is the content created with Redux&something text

Hi @Sebastian, do you know what could be happening here? Do you need any other information about this issue?

I think it just a normal encoding problem. You have to search for the exact string.