Google index Api webhooks Rules

Hi, @Sebastian I am trying to create squidex webhooks rules to post published content to google jobs using the index api but I get an authentication error. Can you help with a lil guide line ? below is what I have tried

I cannot help with concrete APIs. I guess you need to authenticate somehow and append a token or so. I don’t know.

@Sebastian Is there a provision in Squidex to Authenticate on an external system using Scripting or Custom Editor to save the token generated ?

No, it is very challenging. If you need OIDC support I recommend to put your code in a custom container and trigger the container from Squidx. But first you need to figure out how to do authentication with the google index API. What I know is that authentication with Google APIs is challenging.

Hi @Sebastian,
Can we have the headers section read liquid syntax to pass generated authentication token like picture attached ?

THe syntax is as described in the footer


But these are not valid headers. you need something like

Authorization=Bearer ....

Thanks @Sebastian I was able to authenticate by passing a token manually in headers, I still need a functionality in a the headers section that can fetch the token from a given field, which I intend to use a custom editor to get this token populated on this field.

You can use something like

Authorization=Bearer ${CONTENT_DATA.myField.iv}