Global custom editors (UI Settings) are not application isolated - thus state problem

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Current behavior

Global Custom editors in the Application UI Setting are being influenced by the UI settings in other applications.

Have 11 global custom editors in one application working fine.
Then made an upload to another application that only has a single global custom editor. A day or so later, the first application only shows a single custom editor. It’s not an instance issue that manifests itself.

Recently created a brand new cms application that has no global custom editors. After this past weekend, my 3 other cms application have no custom editors. Must now go reset them one by one.
I basically add 13 custom editors to all 4 apps, to prevent losing them, or downtime to the content editors.

Seems this status issue/behaviour only surrounds these global custom editors.

Expected behavior

Global Custom editors are isolated from changes in other cms applications. Unique per app.

Is there a way to define an overarching global editor that could be used by several apps (i.e. cloudinary dam widget for getting image/json from cloudinary - future requests)

Minimal reproduction of the problem

Doesn’t manifest itself, but


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What to be sure this behaviour is zero’d out, or does not exist on squidex versions > 6.4. Like 7.1+

It sounds like a problem that is already fixed. I think I remember that it has been fixed, but I am not sure. Nevertheless I would not provide a hotfix for 6.4 so you have to upgrade anyway. Then you will know whether it is still an issue.

The editors in the UI settings are just for convenience, when you assign an editor to a field, the actual URL is stored in the field and not synchronized. So you should have no real issues with the bug.

No, it is also not planned. But the initial UI settings are at least partially stored in the app settings: … so we could add a section for editors.