Gettting 403 in GET schemas API Call

we are calling schemas API Call with Proper Endpoint
and getting Error response as below
“type”: “”,
“title”: “Forbidden”,
“status”: 403,
“traceId”: “00-9b287851e2d9904792ec1ab2d9b26493-65172468734bdb4a-00”
I have passed Bearer token with proper value.

403 means that you do not have the permissions, are you sure that your jwt token is valid? Can you send me the token as PM?

Thanks for the Reply, I have created token with below API
I need to setup anything as developer, i have register recently.

This should work and it usually does. You can try the token from the Management UI to see if that works.

I need more details to help here.

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I have changed role Client to Developer and Worked, Thanks