Getting the a specific schema content from all apps

Dear Team,
I have 10 apps with the same schema. Will it be possible to get the information of all the content Items on the same schema from all 10 apps.


No sorry, the different permissions and authentication mechanisms would make it very difficult. But with a little bit of code on the client it is easy to do

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Thanks for your quick reply…
Will you give me a hint/direction on code to retrieve them on client side

Thanks in advance

Venkata Phani Kumar R

You have two options:

  1. Either you have an admin client ( This is a client that has admin permissions and can therefore access all clients.

  2. You have a list of all your apps and client id and secret.

Then it is just a simple loop:

foreach (var appConfig in AppsConfig)
    var (app, clientId, clientSecret) = appConfig;

    var token = authenticate(clientId, clientSecret);

    var contents = getContents(app, token);