GetAsync in Client Library no longer supports HashSet parameter

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Current behavior

I have been using a Contents Client to retrieve multiple menus. The GetAsync method on that client no longer supports a HashSet to retrieve multiple items from a list of id’s.

var hs = new HashSet<string>(Ids);
var menuClient = CreateContentsClient<DynamicContent, DynamicData>("[schema]");
var menus = await menuClient.GetAsync(hs, ctx);

Perhaps this is bad design to rely on the ids, but I would like to not refactor at this point.

Expected behavior

Pass in a HashSet of string Ids and return the result.

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there was a design issue in the SDK, because the contents client - even though it was created for a single schema - was also used to make updates and queries across schemas.

Therefore, there is a new IContentsSharedClient now, which can be created with CreateSharedContentsClient


In case it helps we recently went through the same change for dynamic queries, so using the Squidex.ClientLibrary we have gone from:

var dynamicContentsClient = clientManager.CreateDynamicContentsClient("any_schema");
IContentsClient<DynamicContent, DynamicData> client;
var content = await client.GetAsync(new HashSet<string>(referenceIds));


var dynamicContentsClient = clientManager.CreateSharedDynamicContentsClient();
IContentsSharedClient<DynamicContent, DynamicData> client;
var content = await client.GetAsync(referenceIds.ToHashSet());

At first we did not change our DI to use IContentsSharedClient so were having issues trying to specify an Ids parameter.


Thanks for your help!