Get folders error: the value of 'folders' is not valid

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Current behavior

I left my project for about 3 months and just came back to it and updated my local squidex docker image to squidex/squidex:3.0.0-beta3, but now when I request the list of asset folders, as described here:

I get the error back : The value 'folders' is not valid.

I don’t yet have any folders in this project, if that makes a difference?

Expected behavior

return the asset folders.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

_GET request with auth token to http://squidex.local/api/apps/{app}/assets/folders returns error The value 'folders' is not valid.


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Version: 3.0.0-beta3

Browser: N/A; this is a node script

Honestly, I have no idea what it is, but I do not give support or make hotfixes for such old versions.

sorry sebastian, I thought I was using the newest version, not an old version. I let auto-complete fill in the docker tag version, oops.

But I have still no idea what the problem is.

I was simply using the wrong version. Everything works on latest.