Get available languages for specific app


I saw that you declined this feature request [DECLINED] API: Get all available Localizations for an application - Squidex Support.

The front end uses the Squidex Client for c#, and I need to get all available languages for the specif app.

I need it because the routing of the front end needs to check if there’s an available language that corresponds to the browser language. If it does not, it will use the master language.

I saw that we can add languages on the App settings and specify the fallback language. But this is a bit different because we don’t want to add all languages into the language settings. We want to check if it exists and choose what to do depending on the result. Right now, if the language doesn’t exist we want to make all the requests with the default language but in the future, we might change it to say that the website is not available in that country.

Everything you can do with the frontend can be done with the API. EVERYTHING :wink:

Just check the API docs.