General approach / platform choice query

Hi Guys,

I’ve a question regarding my general approach and whether Squidex is the correct technology for my website.

I’m building something like a “directory” website, where external users can register and log in and upload content (images, pdfs, etc). I then need to do some processing of these assets (e.g. OCR, indexing in elasticsearch, resizing, etc). On the front end users can view the content and favourite it, vote on it, etc.


  • Front end needs to be fast and SEO friendly, ideally in Nuxt/Vue/Vuetify
  • Content that users upload may need to pass validation before going live, such as max size, whether they’ve reached their upload limit, etc
  • Users should only be able to view/edit/delete their own content that they previously created, not other users content.
  • Ideally the processing of files could be handled via an external webservice (already written with ServiceStack in .net) through some sort of events/hooks
  • Android and iOS apps on the roadmap

Should I be considering using Squidex app as a framework for my external users to register and login and an manage their content on my system?

Am I just expecting too much of Headless CMS and instead should be looking at more traditional coding frameworks, or even something like ServiceStack or Firebase.

The system needs to scale to handle thousands of independent users uploading and managing their own content, which being managed by a small core team of project administrators.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!

I think you are expecting too much. I would develop your core business in your framework of choice and then use a headless CMS for secondary data and marketing materials. Perhaps you need to manage currencies, languages or countries or you have marketing materials like blog posts and articles. A hybrid approach can work very well.