Fully custom output?

It looks as though the Squidex structure is the only one that can be output as a response. Is it possible to create a custom output structure, so our clients aren’t tied to the Squidex output format?

What is about graphql?

Hi Sebastian

Thanks for this. What I’m more thinking is can we output to, say, Fastly in a specific format, or are we tied to the Squidex REST format? Even GraphQL doesn’t let us create any format, only a GraphQL one.

Thanks again


Then you need a custom proxy

To clarify, do you mean something like Squidex on publish event calls a WebHook, which has some custom code to convert it to the correct format, and then that code forwards it on to Fastly? That sort of idea?

No, a service that forwards the requests from fastly to squidex and makes the conversion on the fly.

Oh, the other direction. I see, thanks.

I would also create surrogate keys or forward them from Squidex. They are comma-separated list of ids.

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