Full text search on docker container



I am trying to use the search feature, unfortunately i am not getting any results back even though i know the search terms are in the blog posts

I am running squidex in a docker container with Mongo running on another server. I have read that the full text search concats all text into a single field, i cant seem to find that in the database.

  queryPostsContents(top: 20, skip: 0, search: "relevant boxes") {
    data {
      text {

returns no results


  queryPostsContents(top: 20, skip: 0, search: "35k") {
    data {
      text {


"message": "Error trying to resolve queryPostsContents.",

any ideas why this would be the case?



Which version do you use?


image: “squidex/squidex:latest”


This is the 2.0 with the new full text search. The full texts are not stored in MongoDB but indexed separately with lucene.net.

You can do several things:

  1. Check the logs for errors please.
  2. Check if there are assets named like Index_XXX
  3. Go to Administration section in the UI, then EventConsumer and check the state of the TextIndexing process there.


Thanks for the speedy reply

There are no assets in the Assets section other than the one image that i had put there

On the Administration/Consumers section i only have

  • AssetUseageTracker
  • HistoryService
  • RuleEnqueuer

there does not appear to be a TextIndexing process in there



Okay, this could be the problem. I would either move to the dev version or the latest stable (< 2.0)


Thanks for the support, i will switch the version to 2.0

Thanks again.


full text seems to be good now, but searching a number still throws the same error


Can you test it in the UI, the errors seems to get swallowed through graphql.


the error message that i get from the ClientLibrary is:

i can post the full stack trace, but this seems the most relevant bit

{“messages”:[“An error occur.Try it again.”],“developerMessage”:{“message”:“Squidex Request failed: {“message”:“Query $search clause not valid.”,“details”:[“Syntax error: character ‘3’ is not valid at position 0 in ‘33k’.”],“statusCode”:400}”,“data”:{},“innerException”:null,“targetSite”:{“name”:“MoveNext”,“declaringType”:“Squidex.ClientLibrary.SquidexClientBase+d__7, Squidex.ClientLibrary, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null”,“reflectedType”:“Squidex.ClientLibrary.SquidexClientBase+d__7, Squidex.ClientLibrary, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null”,“memberType”:8,“metadataToken”:100665086,“module”:{“mdStreamVersion”:131072,“fullyQualifiedName”:"/root/.nuget/packages/squidex.clientlibrary/2.8.0/lib/netstandard2.0/Squidex.ClientLibrary.dll",“moduleVersionId”:“aac8c152-53a6-462f-9e1f-25bd6eb35e8a”,“metadataToken”:1,“scopeName”:“Squidex.ClientLibrary.dll”,“name”:“Squidex.ClientLibrary.dll”,“assembly”:



it is a odata restriction, I would add the full text into brackets " … Something the client library should do by default.


That worked a treat thanks,

We are loving it so far, considering we are using the open source docker container and not subscription based is there anywhere we can contribute, i couldn’t find a donation page on the site?



Good question, I will think about it.


I have added it to the sample library.