Format on paste discards some HTML elements


I’ve had a similar issue in other CMS:es.

HTML elements with 0 child nodes including text node.


<i class="fas fa-tint"></i>

This is from font awesome.

When pasted and saved Squidex removes the element (probably because it is empty). But this is the way some elements work in HTML/CSS.

A work-around is to add a not breaking space like this:

<i class="fas fa-tint">&nbsp;</i>

When saved Squidex converts the <i> element to an <em> … not so cool…

Is there a way to override this behavior?


Yes, this is a typical reason of html editors and most CMS do not write their own wysiwyg editor. Therefore I use markdown btw :wink:

The only option at the moment is this:


Thanks Sebastian, will consider giving this a try.