Flat reference in non-flat swagger.json

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Current behavior

I use generated client with NSwag (similar to what is used internally for .net SDK from time when I build it). After some time i try to generate new client and even if I download swagger.json version which is not in “flat” docs/link. It totally broke my app and I cannot provide “simple” reproduction step (yet) but I notice that in generated client there is XXXFlatDataDto class are use in XXXContentDto which a believe should use XXXDataDto

    "data": {
                "description": "The data of the content.",
                "nullable": false,
                "$ref": "#/components/schemas/BlogsFlatDataDto"

Expected behavior

Non flat swagger.json is provided as it originally was.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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Hi, can you try the latest dev build, because it sounds like a problem that is already fixed.

It seems fixed in dev build (just quick look at swagger.json). Is it possible to release a stable version?

Yes, I plan to do it soon.

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