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Current behavior

I would like to search the name that contains spacing within the word, like as below:
Filter = $"contains(data/name/en, ‘Peter Joe’)

And here are the data in name:
Peter Don Joe
Sam Chai

Expected behavior

The result should return Peter Don Joe

is there any handling for the wildcard search?

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Hi, the expression is actually converted to regex, you can just try to use a regex term for “Peter Jon”, something like Peter[\s]+Jon or so

It’s not work for me, if the data have 3 or above words like Peter Jon Doe, I type Peter Doe will expect it will return Peter Jon Doe, but no luck.

Perhaps you are looking for full text search using $text?

Yes, but I solved the issue with the statement below:

$filter=contains(data/name/en, 'peter.*doe')

Thanks for your help.

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