Filter reference field

Hi Squidex Support,

I have a schema with reference field and would like to filter for entries with specific id and entries which have no reference set. Is there a way to do this?

Best regards,
Jens Lehmann

Sure, you can do it with

Filter by id

`$filter=data/myReference/iv eq ‘123’

and no refes

$filter=empty(data/myReference/iv) // Coming tomorrow

I get the following error: An unknown function with name ‘empty’ was found. This may also be a function import or a key lookup on a navigation property, which is not allowed.

$filter=empty(data/myReference/iv) // Coming tomorrow
-> Tomorrow this is available?

Best regards,
Jens Lehmann

Yes, it is already implemented but not deployed yet. I will deploy it tomorrow around 1pm probably.

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Hi Sebastian, is this function already deployed? Best regards, Jens Lehmann

Not yet, I had an unplanned Meeting.

Sorry, I had a problem with the build server yesterday. It is deployed now.