Filter By type 'Date' to query content


I have queried the content by using filter, but have errors in page and also respones error in postman using api. Such as pics below.

In postman, the api response is:
“message”: “OData operation is not supported.”,
“details”: [],
“statusCode”: 400

And this is the data structure of the content
“data”: {
“ID”: {
“iv”: “1234567”
“Memory”: {
“iv”: “2019-05-13T10:13:35Z”

So i want to know what caused this. OData operations is what.


Can you show or better post your full query?


Thanks for quick reply.
My full query is$filter=data/Memory/iv eq 2019-05-13T10:13:35Z


Sorry the above query is in postman,

And in squidex Contents page, the query is $filter=data/Memory/iv eq 2019-05-13T10:13:35Z


Looks okay, I will have a look in a few hours.


It works for me, I am a little bit confused


Oh, I am confused too.:scream:

So, have you ever occured the such error?----“OData operation is not supported.”

I think my query code is OK.


Yes, your query code is okay. Which version are you running?


I can’t reproduce this issue. it should be already fixed.

by the way, do you know how to build a query for filtering geolocation fields.


Thanks for your reproduction. Filtering by geolocations is not supported, because it would require special indices to have near-by searches.


I create a new schema and add a content contains type ‘DATE’

And the query works now. Thanks.
(By the way, I don’t know why…)