Fields missing in squidex API response

In a schema we have a DateTime field and when we fetch the value of this schema the dateTime field is missing when there is no value. When the value is there field start appearing in the response.


I am not sure what you mean. Sorry.


If you see this schema. ReportedLastOn is empty and it doesnt appear when we try to fetch the value.

How to make all fields available. When we explicitely save null or empty to a field it will appear if not its not appearing. Is there a way to get all the fields as part of the response if we dont save default values to that.

Default values do not work like that. They are only applied when you save a content.

Is there a way to show ReportedLastOn in the JSON when its empty .
“ReportedLastOn”:{ “iv”:null} something like this.

You could create a custom script. But null is not the same as undefined in squidex.