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version 5.8.0

There is no description and nothing. I need more information.

I add asset field and try set Default value in Validation tab. In Content Tab I see empty field. I try do the same with String type field and see the same result. In components I see the same result too. Maybe I misunderstood something or something was broken in later version.

The default value for asset types must be an existing asset id. I should add a hint for that.

Agree about hint. Case with existing asset id I also tried. I have the same result

Tried with simple string field. Tried restarting the server in case of a cache problem. Nothing is changed

I cannot reproduce it. The default values are only applied when a new content is created.

Is it expected to be able to use default values in existing content in future?

No, because how to differentiate whether a field should be “undefined” by purpose or not?