Fallbacks failing for empty strings after editing

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Current behavior

Fallbacks seem to fail after populating and then later deleting the contents of a field.

Expected behavior

Field should fallback if empty.

Minimal reproduction of the problem

  • Have languages en and sv, where sv is optional and fallbacks to en.
  • Populate a text field, eg. heroHeading, for both languages. Save.
  • Remove the text in heroHeading for sv. Save.

The api response for heroHeading is an empty string "" instead of the value of en.

Reproduced with a regular string input and an input with the CKE editor. In the case of the CKE editor, the value was <p>&nbsp;</p>


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The question is: How to distinguish between an empty string that is there on purpose and a empty string because the content has been unset?

Perhaps the solution would be to add a clear button somewhere to the UI?

Mm, I see your point there. In my opinion, I would see empty strings falling back as a behavior that is more expected. Especially since there isn’t a way of seeing in the ui whether an empty field will/won’t fall back (for the moment, at least). I’d also imagine the use cases for wanting an empty string are fairly sparse.

A clear button sounds like a great solution :+1: Perhaps only show it if the field is actually populated so there is a way detecting whether it’s an empty string or not?

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Lets say you have a ad banner for a website and you don’t want to show the banner for a language or the banner is not ready yet. Then it would show the fallback version instead, in another language.

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