Failed to upload Content. error when trying to save or publish

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Current behavior

When we enter content and try to save as Draft or try to publish, it gives error as “Failed to upload content. Please reload”. It does not come everytime we save. But when we wait for 15-20 mins, reopen the content and save, it works fine. Facing this issue from March 2021 (when we started using squidex). We are a team of 4, who are working on squidex cms. I dont know if this over loads the cms. Iam new to the Squidex. Please help to guide how i can solve this problem.

Expected behavior

Should save the content

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We used azure to store cms configurations. As given in forum, I added ORLEANS__CLUSTERING=MongoDB in Azure App services->Configuration.

First or all: Please provide logs, it is mentioned in the guideline.

Clustering does not work in azure app services, because the networking policy is too restricted. So I guess your problems might went away when you scale down to 1 instance.

Thank you for quick reply. I have searched everywhere in Azure for logs. I could not find logs with std. Can you help me where to find the logs.

I am not an Azure user, but I remember that you have to use a storage or so for your webapp and then stdout is redirected to a file in the storage.

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Thank you Sebastian. I browsed through the Azure portal and found this log.

Log with exception

Hope this is related to the problem. Thank you.

I cannot open it. No permissions.


I don’t know why it happens, but the connection to MongoDB got lost.

Any leads what/where i should check? Also the frontend website is quite slow after changing to squidex. Any help is much appreciated

You can also check the MongoDB logs and azure in general. Perhaps you see something there.

I guess that Azure might have been recorded a MongoDB restart or something like that. In Azure you can also enable application insights and record the metrics like average response time for all requests. Enable application insights with the logging__applicationInsights environment variable.

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