Fail to edit the maximum of items of each query

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Current behavior

I want to change the number of return result of query. I found the maxResults in the appsettings.
But my squidex still return 200 results after I changed it to 500.
This change worked in last week, but it fail now.

Expected behavior

Return number of the result that I set.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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Version: [5.4.0]


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  • [ ] IE
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I setup the squidex in kebernetes. I got the appsettings file in the pod.

How have you configured it exactly?

I changed the maxResults to 500, then save and upload to /app/appsettings.json

I would use an env variable in kubernetes.

Oh! So What’s the name of it? contents__maxResults?

Yes, exactly…if you upload a file the setting can get lost on restart.

I will try it later, thanks.