Facing Issue with React Development Using Squidex.io

Hello, I’ve recently embarked on a journey to learn and engage in development using squidex.io while utilizing React in JavaScript. However, I’ve encountered a stumbling block in the coding process.

Following the documentation and sample code, I initiated my efforts with the ‘sample-blog’ project by cloning the squidex sample repository to my local system. Specifically, I began within the react folder, delving into the ‘sample-blog’ project.

After this initial step, I proceeded with ‘npm install’ to incorporate the necessary node modules. Subsequently, I executed ‘npm start’ to initiate the local development server at localhost:3000. Regrettably, despite waiting for a period of time, the page remained stuck in a perpetual ‘loading posts…’ state.

Attempting to troubleshoot, I modified the client details, saved the changes, and then attempted ‘npm start’ once again to restart the local server. However, the outcome persisted; localhost:3000 still displayed ‘loading posts…’ after a prolonged wait.

This situation has led me to wonder if there might be an issue within the React section of the project or if I’m inadvertently overlooking a crucial step. As my progress has come to a halt due to this challenge, I am eager to receive your guidance.

I’ve attached a few screenshots for your reference to provide a visual understanding of the situation. Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I have fixed the sample. Just pull from the repository please. Next time check your browser logs :wink: