External System Link

Hi Sebastian,

In a use case, we would like store in a CMS item a link to its related content in another system. It’s a 1:1 mapping.

When managing the piece of content - Locale, we’d be able to click on the URL/button of the related item, and it would open in another tab or window.

Is there a control that provides this functionality that I am not aware of?

This link should be in a way uneditable, if not - set to read-only once created somehow.

In the external tool, we can link to specific cms content directly - as it is a homegrown custom solution.


Why not just use preview urls for that:


The screenshots are not up to date:

Ah yes, you’re right. This preview link should function fine for this linkage use-case. Thanks.

Just a quick side-question regarding the scripts functionality. What are the typical or advanced use-cases in a schema? Just trying to get an idea of how we can push this tool you built out.