Errors when change to new status

We running squidex on production website.
Yesterday we faced some errors on website after restart squidex instance on azure
After investigation we noticed that container tag was set to latest what make us problem when it got the last 5.6.0 version.

We change the tag to 5.5.0 and now seems that all errors start to disappear.
But now, for some reason all data rollback to some point. I dont see my latest changes and I got errors when I try to save something:

When I try to create a new draft:
"{“message”:“Entity (e16f7530-ee37-4ef2-b010-986c3cfbaf4c–c26b8f6d-2211-4b5f-b475-1b5fed638e62) requested version 2, but found 17.”,“traceId”:“00-8f2b2e340e0ce844a08af1ccb05dfd97-1fdd646fe0d1b84e-00”,“type”:"",“statusCode”:412}"

when I try to save something:
“Failed to make the update. Another user has made a change. Please reload.”

I made sure no one is logged in.

How can I solve this errors? why it happend?


Do you have more than one container?

No, only one.
Our instance run on Azure.

In addition I cloned yesterday Squidex instance to test the 5.5.0 version before I applied it on the production instance.

So on the same time there was 2 instances that connected to the same DB.

Please check the app settings for clustering