Error trying to save list type items

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Current behavior

Hello Squidex Support, we don’t know what happened.

But now, we can no longer save all list type items within the Squidex portal.

Can you help us in this case?

Expected behavior

It should allow me to save the item from my list.

Minimal reproduction of the problem


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What do you mean with list type items? Can you send me the JSON for your schema?

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I have found it. It has to do with the minItems/maxItems validation for the array. I would temporarily remove it until a fix is ready.

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Can I run tests again?

What do you mean with that?

I want to know if I can use Squidex now or are you still fixing it!?

I am fixing it, but you can also make your live easier but temporarily removing the maxItems/minItems validation for the array fields.

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It is deployed and should be fixed.


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