Error Login Azure Web App

Hello, I’d like help with one thing.
I uploaded my application to Azure but when I try to login it returns me the message:
Operation failed
We are really sorry that something went wrong.
Someone help me?

Can you check your logs please? And the following setting:

Thanks for the quick response!

Even configuring the “urls: baseUrl” file both “appsettings.Production.json” and the file “appsettings.json” and with the password following all safety recommendations continue with the same error!

It is just one potential problem, but the log usually shows more information. You can also send me the logs if you want.

Thank you for your help!
Where do I get these logs?

I don’t know, it is specific to azure. Squidex just uses the stdout. I guess it also depends how you are hosting it. Docker, custom VM, WebApp.

This is configured as web app, I am trying to get somehow to see these logs!

I would have a look to your storage account.

If you want, I can add you to the feature group so you can see how it is!

After a Colombian Starbucks coffee package I have a solution!

The problem is that we just forget to set up an environment variable inside the azure which is located in: “Panel / webapp name / Application Settings” that refers to item 1.2 of the installation documentation within IIS

Thank you for your help and attention

Great, are you referring to ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT?

If you want to support me, it would be great to write an article for the docs how to host under Azure. :slight_smile:

Btw: If you need more than 4 starbucks per month to maintain your squidex instance, it could be cheaper to buy a subscription :wink:

Exactly !

I’m putting together an article on how to host squidex in azure, I believe that tomorrow I’ll post it, I’ll share it with you as soon as it’s ready!

Glad to help!

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