Error in frontend start

On my local machine with windows 11 I’m doing a POC that consists of upgrading from version 5 to version 7.
However I’m facing an error in npm start.

Error: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line
at Object.createSecureContext (_tls_common.js:149:17)
at Server.setSecureContext (_tls_wrap.js:1323:27)
at Server (_tls_wrap.js:1181:8)
at new Server (https.js:66:14)
at Object.createServer (https.js:91:10)
at Server.createServer (D:\POC\localhost\src\Squidex\frontend\node_modules\webpack-dev-server\lib\Server.js:2443:57)
at Server.initialize (D:\POC\localhost\src\Squidex\frontend\node_modules\webpack-dev-server\lib\Server.js:1820:10)
at Server.start (D:\POC\localhost\src\Squidex\frontend\node_modules\webpack-dev-server\lib\Server.js:3251:16)

I found an interesting thread in stackoverflow but the tips didn’t work for me.

Which OS do you use?

Windows 11
I tried with node 16.13.0, 14.16.0 and 13.14.0

Very weird. I have never seen that. It works for me on 2 machines.