Error in docker container

The docker container gets restarted after every few minutes. Here is what I could find in the logs.
I think I am using version dev-1994. Is it expected in dev release?

“logLevel”: “Error”,
“message”: “Exception when trying to get GrainInterfaceMap for silos S10.0.0.207:11111:288071949”,
“eventId”: {,
“id”: 104201,
“exception”: {,
“type”: “System.TimeoutException”,
“message”: “Response did not arrive on time in 00:00:30 for message: Request S10.0.0.61:11111:288102392stg/17/00000011@S00000011->S10.0.0.207:11111:288071949stg/17/00000011@S00000011 #2869: . Target History is: S10.0.0.207:11111:288071949:*stg/17/00000011:@S00000011.”,
“stackTrace”: " at Orleans.OrleansTaskExtentions.g__ConvertAsync|4_0[T](Task1 asyncTask)\n at Orleans.Runtime.Scheduler.AsyncClosureWorkItem1.Execute()\n at Orleans.Runtime.TypeManager.GetTargetSiloGrainInterfaceMap(SiloAddress siloAddress)",
“app”: {,
“name”: “Squidex”,
“version”: “”,
“sessionId”: “8fd7ac38-25e1-46e2-8c76-a75b627b600c”,
“timestamp”: “2019-02-17T12:31:24Z”,
“category”: “Orleans.Runtime.TypeManager”,
Application is shutting down…,

No, it is not expected. Are you running Squidex in a cluster?

No cluster. Just a single instance.

However I am using it behind traefik reverse proxy.

This does not matter or should not matter. Three things you could do:

  1. Disable clustering: … set the value to Development (which is a bad name btw)
  2. Clear the collection Orleans_OrleansReminderV2
  3. Clear the collection Orleans_MembershipTable
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Thanks, I deleted these collections and opened port 11111 in firewall and seems to work for few hours.

Great. Btw: What account are you using?

It’s just a normal account that I created to get support. I just tested username “squidex” and it was available. Feel free to change it to something else i.e. squidex_learner

changed the username myself.

I thought it was something like an guest account or so.