Error: 429 (Too Many Requests) Squidex Cloud is Down

Have you checked the logs? You could put in excel and see what causes the highest number.

Squidex does not do any retry calls.

Hi @Sebastian.

I checked the logs and I found an anomaly not sure if it is a Dashboard Bug or a wrong logs file bug.

I checked the logs. They are also available here for mutual discussion. I exported the latest one from last night using the Cloud App : vannatest

Anomaly Noticed at my API Dashboard and Squidex Logs Level
On searching for the key in the above logs file i.e vannatest:prodvannadottw search string is missing from the logs and it returns 0 results. But if you look at the Dashboard it is saying vannatest:prodvannadottw key is responsible for disproportionate API calls as per the screen shot

We are also looking at our own level but here is my potential theory for plausible explanation of a bug at Squidex level as the logs file is mismatching with no current key vannatest:prodvannadottw but reporting somehow old logs using keys vannatest:devvannadottw and vannatest:rodvfe

My hesitation is to switch off these keys and remove them but since it is the production app I run the risk of shutting my app down incase if it was indeed a bug at our side.

The name of a client is for example “default”, but when you request the access token for such a client the name “default” is not unique of course.

Therefore you need a full qualified name like myapp:myclient to request an access token. I have decided to remove the “myapp” prefix from the chart. Thats it.


Now we are unable to make changes to Schema in vannatest app because of API limit Calls. Yesterday the API calls stopped suddenly

I can reset your calls, but I have to invoice them and you have to find out who is making these calls. It is nothing I can do

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Please reset it asap, our PRODUCTION Squidex is down on website. We need to get it back up. Our API Calls have been restricted because of this issue.


We are getting this error. Please reset asap. Our production platform( is still down since last 4 hours


Done, I have reset it.

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@Sebastian Thanks. We are back up live

Do you think we should go on to the higher plan, if such a bug were to happen again we would be insured against such extra API calls pricing?

I think from your point of view I would investigate first what causes the most calls. Very often it is something like a menu structure that does not happen very often, so you can cache it.

You can also go over CDN, because all calls there only cost the half.