Endpoint to get maximum asset size


We are currently looking into increasing the assets:maxSize setting (yes we have hit the IIS 30mb default limit problem!) and it occurred to us that there is nothing on the UI that tells us what that setting is. We feel it could be useful when creating integrations where you are providing an asset to proactively find out what the maximum size is rather than sending a file and getting an error stating simply that “Asset is too big”.

Also is there a way of distinguishing the error between hitting IIS or Squidex maximum file sizes or would that expose too much information about the system?

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No, I don’t think so.

Mhm, why not, if we do not end up with dozens new endpoints to get all kind of configuration :wink:

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Haha now you mention it… :smiling_imp:

Think this is pretty unique in that anyone building a custom UI around a headless CMS could potentially benefit from being able to know this value.

Had a look through and the only other ones I could think of an app might want to tie into are:

  • rules:executionTimeoutInSeconds & rules:rulesCacheDuration
  • Regex patterns

Also just noticed:

// A list of configuration values that should be exposed from the info endpoint and in the UI.
 "exposedConfiguration": {
        "version": "squidex:version"

When was that added?! Could it be as simple as adding assets:maxSize to there and then parsing the info endpoint?

Yes, I think that would work.

Can we close this or change it to a normal support ticket?

Yep happy for this to be closed as it should already be possible to get the desired information.

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