Elastic Search integration means new API endpoints for my Client or custom search results proxied behind Squidex API

Hi @Sebastian,

I had a very simple question regarding search integration support in Squidex.

The integration supported for Elastic Search is limited to just populating data (i.e exporting data from Squidex to Elastic Search) and that’s just it. Please confirm does that mean at the client side I will have to replace the squidex API search call with elastic search endpoints


Is there a better tight integration between Squidex and Elastic search that allows the same Squidex search API to now use elastic search as its backend ?.

The basic question is does Squidex take care of the heavy weight lifting of wrapping the elastic search results within it’s API or we will have to manage this at our client side(frontend) with the new elastic search endpoint ?

I was evaluating this option to get better search results from Elastic Search

Sorry if sounds too noobish. But my team had this question so I decided to still ask :slight_smile: with such a fine product like Squidex you never know if such a tight integration is already available :slight_smile:

In general you have to go with your first approach BUT when I have rebuild the full text index, I was also testing an implementation with ElasticSearch:

It is not ready for production, but feel free to clone the code and test it out.