[DUPLICATE] Unable to open content reference

When I create or update a content, I want to add a content reference, but the system opens a empty windows, (small, without data and template).
This bug is on the branch master.

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Version: [VERSION] 5.3.0 branch master


  • [ X] Chrome (desktop)
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Thanks, I will have a look.

I cannot reproduce it. Can you provide a screenshot or video to show me what you mean exactly?

Have you checked the logs, especially the Chrome logs?

I open a new content “Articolo”, when I press “Aggiungi nuovo” related “Contenuti correlati” a reference to another content, The sistem opens a broken window. You can see it in the screenshot attached.

The Chrome error message are
app.js?17bcb98e198cf066d960:2 ERROR Error: InvalidPipeArgument: ‘[object Object]’ for pipe ‘e’
at Ae (app.js?17bcb98e198cf066d960:2)7

app.js?17bcb98e198cf066d960:2 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘dispose’ of null
at e._dispose (app.js?17bcb98e198cf066d960:2)

Sorry, but I cannot reproduce it. You can send me a backup of your mongo database, perhaps it is related to your structure: https://docs.squidex.io/01-getting-started/installation/troubleshooting-and-support#prepare-a-backup-of-your-mongo-database

Hi Sebastian, sent a pm


I can still not reprodue it. I think it is the same as this: [SOLVED] UI weird glitches, cannot change language

Hi Sebastian,
It’s correct, bug fixed!

Thanks a lot.