[DUPLICATE] Disable dashboard options for user

We require the ability to remove certain desktop options for users. A priority is to be able to specify wheter a user has access to the following:

  1. API Documentation
  2. Feedback
  3. Support and Github only visible to admin as

It could be consider to combine these in one setting and the stats in another. So as an Admin you can decide whether users can see the items listed above and the stats, or only one of them.

I understand that, but it does not have the highest priority, I was thinking about implementing a dashboard feature where you can make your own arrangement using widgets.

That will be the ultimate solution, but as an interim maybe add all the widgets as an option to add to the user role somehow.

The problem is that Squidex is being used by content administrators who should not see that information, because it is not relevant to them.

I don’t like the idea to use the permission system for that. The permissions are driven by the API, for stuff you can actually do. The UI permissions are driven by the UI.

We could use the same system and methodology, but it is something the UI has then to decide. Furthermore it would be more like a “negative” approach, something like “should not see…”

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Closed in favor of this: Separate UI and content permissions logic