[DUPLICATE] Conditional fields


I would like to see the possibility to create conditional fields in the schemas.
The reason for this is that I wanna create a page schema with different templates.

Let’s say I have 2 templates, which the user can use.
The first template has for example 3 text options.
The second template has for example 1 text options and an image.

So when the user selects selects the first template, he will see 3 text fields to fill in. But when the users selects the second template, he will only see 1 text field and an image field.
In the frond end I will read the data based on the selected template.

I hope you understand my feature Request, If its not clear enough I will try to describe it with images.
If this features request is potential enough I will help you wherever I can.

Closing this in favor of the older: Conditional Content Fields

But thank you very much, just shows that this is very much needed :slight_smile:

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