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Hi Sebastain
We have a requirement explained below.

We have reference schema category, with field type having options: low/mid/both
Now this schema is used as reference to dropDown in two other schemas.
Schema 1 : has all low and both type caterogy options (from category) in dropdown
Schema 2: has all mid and both type category options (from category) in dropdown.

Is it possible to implement it in Schema 1 & Schema 2 like this ?
Where dropdown values are filtered based on type field ?

You would have to write a custom editor for that:


I am facing the similar issue
i am exploring cloud version
i want to dropdown the content from referred schema if and only if the IsActive field of that schema is true.

In your case you can disable the field with a field rule.

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My usecase is similar to the above there is IsActive field in schema course and there are student who can select course(referred) from dropdown and dropdown list must contain only those course which have IsActive field true only.

I see, then the field rules do not work. You really have to build your own editor. I will have a look whether I can provide a sample for you.

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that will be really helpful if you can provide some sample :smiley:

Here is an sample:

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