Does version 7.4 support mulitple worker nodes?

does version 7.4 support mulitple worker nodes ?

Does version 7.4 support mulitple worker nodes?
could i set deployment.replicaCount to 5 ? the default vaule is 1 .

No, keep it to one worker.

is there a plan or timeline when it will support multiple worker nodes ?

Not really. The problem are event consumers, which are hard to scale out. Do you have issues with something?

thank you for your reply , i don’t have any issue , just we want to have HA ability 。

one more question , is there any doc to help understand how primary node and worker nodes works ?

The release notes have a neat little diagram showing it in case you haven’t seen it:

The key thing to know that I was initially unsure of is that the worker node is also an API node.

You could do that, but I do not recommend it.

The worker node handles all background processes:

  1. Timers (e.g. scheduled publishing)
  2. Rules
  3. Text Indexes
  4. History
  5. Usage data

So if the worker node is down for 10 minutes it is not a big deal. Therefore you do not need HA there, just a restart policy.