Documentation for setup clustering

Hi everyone
Is there any documentation about how to setup clustering?


not really, because it depends on your environment. Here are some hints:

  1. Squidex uses Orleans from Microsoft for clustering. It is a like a network of mini-services (actors) which communicate with other actors in the network. Therefore your cluster members need to be able to communicate to each other. This is not a problem for most scenarios. It is only tricky in Azure container services:

  2. To enable clustering you have to set the following setting to MongoDB. Orleans uses a storage to communicate the status of cluster members to the cluster.

  3. If you use kubernetes, it is recommended to follow this tutorial: (or just use the helm chart):

  4. It is recommended to configure liveness probes and startup probes for kubernetes, e.g. with

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I have added a list of health checks to the docs:

Thx a lot
We’ll check the links and do some tests

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