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Current behavior

It’s a bit unclear about how to use UpsertAsync / CreateAsync etc

Expected behavior

It would be nice to have some official documents

Before we have an official document, I would love to share what I found so people in the future can save some time to figure this out.


UpsertAsync / CreateAsync

This is for anything to write into Squidex.

Let’s say the Schema has 1 field called test (localizable)

The Objects should be

   public class Test : Content<TestData>

   public sealed class TestData
      public CmsEnString Test { get; set; }

   public class CmsEnString
      public string En { get; set; }


For reading data, there are 2 solutions.

Either to use the above Objects or assign a context like

QueryContext Context = QueryContext.Default.WithLanguages("en").Flatten()

With this context, data object will be like

   public sealed class TestData
      public string Test { get; set; }

The above information can be discovered from

Hope this can help others to save some time

I guess you mean documentation, not document.

There is a little bit, but it can be improved of course:

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Cool, somehow I miss this part. I guess I used the wrong key word. (I used UpsertAsync/CreateAsync …, bad choice lol)