Docker versioning

Hi there,

Currently we use the tag 5.0.0 in our docker squidex container. Which tags are safe to eventually upgrade to? Do you have a specific versioning or a release schedule?

We have no desire to run development/beta versions :slight_smile:


for important versions there are betas, e.g. the 5.0 had a few betas. There is no release schedule, but I have it on my todo list to make a new 5.X version this week.

Hi, thanks for the answer…

I see that you push code to some 4.x versions on github, but also have some 5.x versions on docker hub.
What version is the newest and stable? I see for example that we don’t have the preview content option in schemas - Is that available in the 4.x versions? I can’t seem to find any logic to the versioning atm

Version 5 is the most recent. The only reason I am still maintaining 4.X ist that the cloud is not updated yet. But once that is done i will not make more updates to 4.X

Alright, thanks!
Is the preview content option available in the squidex:5.1.1 image?

It is very old. Yes…it is now under “More” in the schemas section.